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And Yes, We do Advertising ?

At Promoneum we have a profound belief that People and the Internet should be free. We also believe that NEW marketing methods exist and work. People can and should decide how to control their personal space, and according to this fact people have the right to be able to advertise on their personal space which they invest a lot of effort and passion.



Helping Customers Find suitable Influencers to promote their Businesses, and Creating Jobs and Revenue for Social media and website enthusiasts [ in a new way ] is our job! We believe Users who are making the internet a colorful place to be, should have control over their online spot.

Founding Promoneum

Your Online Spot Is YOUR Asset.

Promoneum was Founded by Arash Abolhassani in 2019. Back then we called it promo academy. A place where you could learn about new Marketing methods. Now Promo.academy is the knowledge base for promoneum. Promoneum consists of a team of Marketting, Security , Programming experts who are proud of what they do. Before Promoneum we provided SEO, Marketing and Consulting services to our customers in the shape of a digital marketing agency.


All the efforts users make to grow their social media or websites, shouldn’t be left unappreciated. the old ad boxes on the sidebar or header of websites, or unwanted social media promotional posts by the social media companies aren’t a great experience for anyone. In contrast we believe that people CAN AND SHOULD be able to find sponsors that offer services that page owners love and are passionate about. Advertising should be a passion not just a way to make money.